Eureka Farm has been growing fruits and berries for over a quarter of a century. Over the years we have been making jams and chutneys with our produce. All of our recipes started from traditional country recipes which were trialled and modified until we were satisfied that they were the very best available. Confirmation has been achieved in the large number of awards we have won for our products.  

Many of our customers have come to know our products after visiting our farm and perhaps taking away a jar or two of our jams. They would then contact us and ask for more. This has led to us  developing a mail order business. We are now pleased to be able to offer a more comprehensive service where people can see what they are getting and we can supply more details as to what we have to offer. We hope you find the shopping cart web site useful and continue to support us.

We have developed many new products which will now be included in our shopping trolley. New jams , sauces , chutneys and honey. This year we can inform you that we were going to reduce the amount of activities we do at the farm. We had put a sign on our shop notice board saying " our time is up". This was suppose to inform our valued customers that we were trying to develop our exit strategy. It certainly wasn't meant that we had succumbed to the corona virus. ( and we hope that remains the case). So the exit we had been developing has been stalled as a result of this pandemic. We think though that the shops' activities are the main activities that will be restructured. On line sales are at this stage unlikely to be affected.

Eureka Farm on line shopping trolley

To introduce you to our shopping trolley, go to this shopping page. Login so that we have your particulars. Once logged in select the products that you like.(remember your password- but if you lose it let us know and we will reset it. Once logged in you can edit your password and other particulars that might have changed)  You can also subsribe to our mailing list so that we can keep you up to date with what we are doing.

Photos are shown with each product to remind you what you will get. On the left hand side you will see a side bar widget which contains a summary of your purchases. When you have selected your items go to view my cart and you will be taken through the purchase process. At present we use Australia Post for shipping of interstate orders. However if you have a preferred shipping arrangement you can let us know by email and we will get back to you.

You can also buy online directly via Farmhouse Direct

Happy shopping- regards the Eureka Team



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