• Our Berry Good Sauce

    Our Berry Good Sauce

    a great berry sauce. The berry mixture is unique and great with fresh berries, ice-cream , pavlovas to name just a few desserts.



  • Strawberry Chilli Sauce

    Strawberry Chilli Sauce

    Another gold prize winner. Chillies and strawberries in a sauce who would want that. But once you try it it seems perfect. Use anywhere you would like a spicy sauce.



  • the Apricot Peril-250ml

    the Apricot Peril-250ml

    Hot foodie lovers won't eat ordinary sauce again. Peps up meat dishes, use in stir fry, you name it - its great.  


  • Worcestershire Sauce-375ml

    Worcestershire Sauce-375ml

    This is a full flavoured Worcestershire Sauce much thicker than other brands. Lots more plums in our recipe than traditionally used in Tasmania. Everyone seems to love it. I am sure you will too. Use …




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