Nothing like a Devonshire Tea for trying our great jams.This is probably as good a place as any to talk about our jam philosophy. All of our jams are primarilarly made from two ingredients fruit and sugar. No one questions that our jams are very fruity but many people are these days convinced that sugar is an evil demon and should not be used. The trend in recent years is to use grape or pear concentrate instead of sugar. And what I am going to talk about now will hopefully debunk the myth that jams made either way are really much different. 

To start with all jams unless they have added gelatine or other artificial thickeners generally are about 68 to 70% sugar when they are thick enough to become a jam. The real difference is that a sugar based jam will be mainly composed of the sucrose form of sugar rather than fructose when fruit sugars are used instead. From a health point of view if one becomes diabetic or sugar intolerant it is much of an academic exercise to think that your health can now tolerate loads of fructose instead.

The real point is that sucrose or sugar as we know it is a completely natural product probably much more pure that any fruit concentrates that can be substituted for it. the cane is grown in Australia and the sugar that results comes from Australia. On the other hand many grape and other fruit concentrates are imported.

We thus feel justified that jams made with fruits and natural sugar such as we make and will continue to make should not be replaced by a fad.




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