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 All fruits can produce a uniquely flavoured jam. People ask us often why are they so good? The simple answer is that our jams contain more than 50% fruit that we grow ourselves. The fruit is only picked when it is ready to eat. It is not transported very far (less than 100 metres) and doesn't need to last for days or months before it is used. Anyhow you are getting the message. We have total control over what we use simply because we also grow it.

The cheapest deal when you order these products is to order any combinationof 300ml jars in multiples of 6. This is then packed in a special box which we feel transports well. Enjoy our products and help us by giving us feedback on how you enjoyed our products and how we might improve them further.

  • Plum Tar

    Plum Tar

     Made with plums. The old way of making jam in Europe was to use the sugars naturally contained in the fruit. The fruit is cooked a lot more and only a little sugar is added. As a result the resultin…



  • Summer Fruits & Berries

    Summer Fruits & Berries

    This jam contains a harvest festival of fruits all grwon on the farm. It contains plums, apricots, pear, apples, nectarines and strawberries. All natural ingredients in our jams.


  • Apricot Jam-400g.

    Apricot Jam-400g.

    Made with our own apricots. A very firm jam with lots of whole fruit. A popular stonefruit jam. This jar contains 400g. of apricot jam.



  • Just Plummy Jam-400g

    Just Plummy Jam-400g

    Made with our own blood plums with just a taste of cinnnamon. Try it and you will be pleasantly surprised.


  • Rich Plum Jelly

    Rich Plum Jelly

    A great plum jelly. Remember the joys of summer with the rich flavour of blood plums. Great  on your breakie toast.  Another opening web special. 

    $7.50 $6.00

    $7.50 $6.00

  • Black Devil

    Black Devil

    A fruity chocolate spread to be used as a jam or dessert topping



  • Three Fruits Marmalade-400g

    Three Fruits Marmalade-400g

    A fine cut peel marmalade containing the three citrus fruits, oranges, lemons and grapefruits. We feel what makes this marmalade so delicious is the larger quantity of lemons we use. I suppose that is…



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