300ml. Berry Jams




All of our Berry jams have won prizes in major food competitions. So why are they so good? The simple answer is that our jams contain more than 50% fruit that we grow ourselves. The fruit is only picked when it is ready to eat. It is not transported very far (less than 100 metres) and doesn't need to last for days or months before it is used. Anyhow you are getting the message. We have total control over what we use simply because we also grow it.

The cheapest deal when you order these products is to order a combinationof 300ml jars in multiples of 6. This is then packed in a special box which we feel transports well.

Enjoy our products and feel free to make comments on anything


  • the Red Devil-400g

    the Red Devil-400g

    This concoction is a mixture of the red berries, raspberries and red currants with the gentle hint of chili. It can be used as a jam or as a savoury accompaniment. So we are not sure whether to descri…



  • Very Berry Jam-400g.

    Very Berry Jam-400g.

         It is the unique berry mix of blackberries( youngberries),raspberries , strawberries and blackcurrants that makes our Very Berry  Jam sensational .     This ha…



  • Blackcurrant Jam-400g.

    Blackcurrant Jam-400g.

    Blackcurrant jam is not so well known on the mainland. Perhaps the berry blackcurrant is best known for its use in Blackcurrant Syrup or 'Ribena' but its use  in jams is heavenly. Blackcurrant jam as…

    $9.50 $9.00

    $9.50 $9.00

  • Strawberry Jam-400g.

    Strawberry Jam-400g.

    A great favourite. As with all our berry jams our Strawberry Jam contains 50% fruit. This makes a very chunky  strawberry jam.



  • Our Berry Best Jam-400g.

    Our Berry Best Jam-400g.

    The berry best jam one can buy. The same combination of berries as in our Very Berry Jam but with the added magic addition of kirsch cherry liquour. This is added at the end of the jam making process…



  • Raspberry Jam-400g.

    Raspberry Jam-400g.

    The perennial favourite, another of our jams to win gold in fine food competitions.

    $9.50 $9.00

    $9.50 $9.00

  • Grandma's Blackberry Jam-400g.

    Grandma's Blackberry Jam-400g.

    Its the best!  Wild blackberries were commonplace one upon a year. All the kids used to collect them in the summer months and mum or grannie made jam. No longer do they seem to be around as much. So …


  • Red Currant Jelly

    Red Currant Jelly

    Red Currant Jelly is a favourite of the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. We make a limited amount every year initially to meet that demand. We now find many others who like this product. fulll of vit…

    $9.00 $7.50


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